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Isla Restaurant

Experience Filipino food, wherever you may be! That’s what Isla Restaurant offers. Since then, Isla Restaurant has been providing Filipino food, Filipino desserts, and Filipino cuisine to many Filipinos abroad. We have been working hard to keep our food authentic to its original taste!

Isla's Amazing Team


Our team is the backbone of our project, a tight-knit group of individuals with a variety of skills

that can help us get a lot more done and make better decisions.

Roiz Haicruz

Pastry Expert

Christina Groz

Pastry Expert

Alexander Rian

Pastry Expert

Siska Soeskamti

Pastry Expert

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Isla Restaurant

A Filipino food restaurant located in the heart of NYC.

What We Serve



The pride of Isla Restaurant is its ability to create traditional desserts in a revolutionary way, while still offering a wide range of options.


Isla Restaurant serves several kinds of delicious and healthy dishes that are not only unique, but also passionately cooked.


We serve a variety of seafood entrees and starters that are fresh, local, and innovative and we put as much thought into the preparation of our food as we do into finding the best ingredients.


We have an extensive menu of different meat dishes, from your all-time favorite to our special of the day. We serve food for breakfast and dinner, and a special brunch menu on the weekends.

Finally I found the best Filipino place in San Mateo. A lot of parking place, Good food speacially the laing is the bomb. Good customer service very clean and you will feel welcome and you feel satisfied for everything. Love this place already.
Bellakane G.
Native Pilipino food at its finest. We ordered the assortment of meats and it was very satisfying served with hot rice and all the dipping sauces. The portions were huge and it fed our entire family. I can't wait to go back again.
Jocelyn M.

Satisfied Isla Customers

Drinks 84%
Vegetables 91%
Dessert 89%
Meat 93%